Jan Mioduski – President of the Management Board



To deliver best-quality services and products to our customers in a timely manner – we create a solid brand – Quality – Made in Poland


“It is company’s people not resources that determine success” /the motto of Jan Mioduski – President of the Management Board/ this is why we care for the comprehensive development of employees, apply modern management methods and innovations.

The “Techno-Service” S.A. Capital Group today:

100% Polish capital and Business consisting of independent production and service plants and daughter companies.

1 000 permanent employees, , more than 10 000 temporary workers

own assets and modern infrastructure

professional R&D offices, IT supported, modern management systems implemented

long-term tested relations with the Gdańsk University of Technology, professional background and capability of multi-directional operations; the central office, R&D offices, a production plant in Gdańsk

renowned manufacturer of electronic equipment occupying the leading position on the industry market in Poland for a few decades and having an established position not only on the European market

solid, flexible and reliable partner applying modern management methods

• implemented uniform quality system based on process management: „Quality, no other way”, which means: delivery on time, professional quality, prices under common control, competent and properly motivated team

continuous improvement of the quality of services and products as well as the building of permanent and transparent business relations with customers; management based on the “win-win” business model

quality and innovativeness of services frequently awarded in prestigious contests, including:

The “Teraz Polska” (“Poland now”) nomination and emblem

Gazele Biznesu (Gazelles of Business) – laureate for several years

Przejrzysta Firma (Transparent Firm) – Laureate

Quality Leader (Pomeranian and National)

Quality leader in Innovations and Development (Pomeranian and National)


Ryszard Markowski

Vice-President of the Management Board

Graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
at the Gdańsk University of Technology.
Vice-President of the Management Board in
Techno-Service S.A. since 1992.

Jan Mioduski

President of the Management Board

Graduate of the Faculty of Electronics
at the Gdańsk University of Technology.
President of the Management Board in
Techno-Service S.A. since 1992.

Andrzej Wałachowski

Vice-President of the Management Board

Graduate of the Faculty of Electronics
at the Gdańsk University of Technology.
Vice-President of the Management Board in
Techno-Service S.A. since 1994.


27 000 m2 of own land in Gdańsk

10 000 m2 of modern production space

2 000 m2 office areas with modern equipment

Owned accredited environmental protection laboratory

INTRANET – own DATA CENTER, broadband access

– ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015
– Accreditation of the Polish Centre for Accreditation No. AB 481

Industry permissions, among other things, for European markets, USA and Canada


A brief history of the Group:

  • The “Techno-Service” Students’ Work Cooperative integrating all the academic circles in the Tricity was established by students of the Gdańsk University of Technology more than 55 years ago, in 1960. The intellectual potential and commitment of students from various colleges and from all faculties was the greatest advantage of the Cooperative in its relations with customers.
    In addition to the performance of simple jobs, the Cooperative has been successively introducing specialist services to its offer from the very beginning. Such services were performed by students of the Gdańsk University of Technology and other Tricity colleges.
  • In 1991, a commercial law company Techno-Service S.A. was separated in the environment of SSP “Techno-Service” in order to develop specialist services and, several years later, it began to create daughter companies on the basis of their own specialized plants or innovative projects; these daughter companies comprise the Techno-Service S.A. Capital Group today.
  • The Students’ Work Cooperative “Techno-Service” pursues a separate direction in the area of its traditional services (mainly shipbuilding) and has been successfully operating in a properly adapted organizational form to this day.
  • The history of Techno-Service S.A. is about continuous development; we stay up to date with the world from the production of simple printed circuit boards and the manual electronic assembly to the modern world of highly advanced technologies, know-how and innovations. We have been successful in our independent development for 25 years, in the conditions of the market economy and have been competing effectively on the European and global markets.
  • Our development strategy is based on modern management and innovations. We effectively cooperate with academic circles, have completed joint projects from an idea to commercialization.
  • The company takes care to train the employees continuously, makes the realization of their own professional development scenarios and has trained many independent leaders successfully conducting their own businesses.
  • 1992 r.

    The first plants operate in new technology areas, including TS PCB existing to this day (formerly operating under the name of PCB Production Plant and the Environmental Protection Laboratory.

  • 1994 r.

    Establishment of the Electronic Assembly Plant.

  • 1998 r.

    Transfer of the production part of the PCB Production Plant from rooms located in the Leczkowa Street to properly modernized buildings in the Benzynowa Street.

  • 2002 r.

    Implementation of the Quality Management System ‒ Techno-Service S.A. obtains the ISO 9001:2000 certificate. TS PCB (operating under the name of PCB Production Plant at that time) attains the status of the largest and most modern plant in this industry in Poland.

  • 2004 r.

    Intensification of the exports of services and products reaching nearly all continents worldwide.

  • 2006 r.

    The construction of the infrastructure in the Benzynowa Street for the TSTRONIC Ecological Electronics Assembly Centre (former Electronic Assembly Plant).

  • 2007 r.

    The TSTRONIC Ecological Electronics Assembly Centre develops its operations in the Benzynowa Street. The Techno-Service S.A. Capital Group is being built. The process of separation of related companies begins. Nethos sp. z o.o. is the first company to become independent (2007).

  • 2009 - 2015 r.

    Other affiliated companies are separated:
    Siled Sp. z o.o. (2009 r.),
    APT TS. Sp. z o.o. (2010 r.),
    Manbroker Sp. z o.o.
    TS Finance Solutions Sp. z o.o. (2012 r.),
    Pomorska Platforma Pracy Sp. z o.o.
    T-S HR Sp. z o.o. (2013 r.),
    ZPM TS Sp z o.o. oraz
    Job-Target Sp. z o.o. (2015 r.).


Realization of the Social Responsibility of Business (CSR)

The Group has been supporting academic initiatives since the beginning of its operations because our tradition and activity have been closely related to the student circles and originated from them.

The Group supports numerous student scientific clubs, projects promoting young, talented students, publications, conferences, symposiums, sports, recreation and cultural events as well as health service. It is one of the main sponsors of the Red Rose Contest for the best student and the best students’ scientific club in Pomerania. It also makes it possible for students still at college to gain professional experience thanks to their participation in the work performed in companies belonging to the Group.